Custom Web Design Services

Item Description


Domain Registration / Year $20.00
Design Home Page $75.00
Design Special Animated ClipArt (Simple) $50.00
Design Special Animated Clip Art (Complex) $250.00
Design Standard Page $50.00
Design Confirmation Page $40.00
Design Custom Form Mail Page $75.00
Design Frame Page $100.00
Design Discussion Forum $75.00
Design Database Quote Only
Front Page Extension Setup $FREE
Insert Animated ClipArt $15.00
Insert Regular Clipart $ 5.00
Insert Form /Simple / ( email, guest registration, etc) $30.00
Insert Visitor Counter $15.00
Monthly Maintenance Complex Site $200.00
Monthly Maintenance Regular Site (6-10 pages) $75.00
Monthly Maintenance Small 1 to 5 page site $20.00
MCart Setup (Inventory) /Each Product $10.00
Setup General Fee $30.00
Setup Primary Email Account Free
Setup email Aliases (sub email accounts normally used by different departments such as Sales, Support, Admin, etc.) $10.00
Setup PayPal Account $50.00
Scan Pictures of Photos or Products For Web $10.00
Search Engine Registration (Deep) $110.00
Search Engine Registration (Primary) $75.00
Royalty Free Background Music $15.00
 Setup Streaming Music (Each song)  $5.00
Convert Video for web $20.00
Setup Video Player 50.00

Last Updated on 3/10/02
By Herbert Metoyer