Cane River Media is a full service book producer & publisher. Our `products include:
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Custom Business Cards

We offer the following services:

  • Editing
  • Typesetting
  • Layout
  • Graphic Design
  • Cover Design
  • Photo Scanning
  • Photo Restoration
  • Printing

Who May Be Interested In Our Services

  • State & Local Governments

  • Organizations

  • Small Businesses

  • Corporations

  • Churches

  • Self Publishers (Authors & Poets)


Special Considerations For Self Publishers

Self publishing can be a fulfilling experience. It can also be extremely profitable. For example, a small 100 page book that might cost $4 -$5 a copy (at The most) to produce can be sold for as much as $15. A profit margin of over 200%. There are, however, some special things you might consider in deciding whether you should self-publish or not:

  • Is your book well written and of the quality that will make it worthy of being printed?
  • Have you studied the craft by attending a Creative Writing workshops, classes and/or seminars?

(If you are in the Detroit Area, I highly recommend that join one or both of the writers groups like the Detroit Writer's Guild ( or The YMCA Writers Voice ( Both organizations have excellent training programs.

  • Has your manuscript been critiqued by a qualified editor?
  • Have you attempted to engage an agent and was rejected?
  • Have you tried submitting your manuscript to a national publisher and was rejected?
  • Are you willing to do your own marketing?
  • Can you afford to self publish a book?

If your answers to all of the above is... Yes, and you still feel strongly about your book, then you are a good candidate for self publishing.


Our prices are more than competitive and our quality exceptional. 

We take special pride in each individual project. Self publishers will benefit because our prices are less than half what is demanded by national subsidy publishers. We, however, do not offer marketing, distribution, or promotional assistance.  

The prices listed below are for planning purposes only and are negotiable dependent upon our evaluation of the proposed project. It is therefore recommended that you allow us to give you a quote in order to obtain a realistic Final Cost.  (See Form at bottom of page)

Cover Design (Custom) with some original Art Work,  Large Book 1,200.00
Cover Design (Medium Complexity) 600.00
Cover Design (Simple) 8.5 X11 100.00
Basic Manuscript Editing/page 4.00
Basic Editing & Rewrite/page 10.00
Picture Restoration (Simple) 10.00
Picture Restoration (Complex)/ea 20.00
Scan Pictures/ea 10.00
Shipping Large Order 300.00
Shipping & Delivery 100.00
Typesetting/page 3.00
Typing From Audio Source/page 6.00
Typing from Printed source/page 4.00
Printing Cost By Quote Only



Publishing Service Inquiry 


If you would like to consider utilizing our services, complete and submit the following information and we will contact you personally to discuss your project and provide you a quote if desired.


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Number of double spaced pages: 

Number of Copies Desired:

Original Data Format:

Check the type of service that you may desire:

Typing: Typesetting:    Editing        Cover Design: Photo Scanning:

Photo Restoration:   Printing:


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