Herbert Metoyer - has a BS Degree in Liberal Arts from Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA. . He is a retired military officer and helicopter pilot, and a recent retiree from General Motors where he served as a Test Engineer in GM's Testing Laboratories. He has been a member of the Detroit Writer's Guild almost since its inception. He has served as Senior Editor, Executive Editor, Chairman of the Board, and Executive Director. He is also an excellent artist and is the person who designed a majority of the book covers published by the Guild. Herb is a published poet, author, songwriter and design artist. In 1994, his story, "The Awakening of Hanna Lee" won top honors in "The Metro-Times" all state short fiction contest. He is also the author the book "Short Story Basics" published by the Guild.

     Herb is an accomplished composer and experiments with all music genres. And although he has composed a number of jazz songs, his favorite medium is Folk. You might say that he is a musically enhanced "Storyteller" & "Poet." He performs utilizing both the guitar and synthesizer, sometimes playing the tambourine with his foot.  His vinyl album recorded in 1965 by VerveFolkways entitled "Something New," has become a classic folk album that has been selling on ebay as a collector's item. 

One of Herb's most prized accomplishments, however, is the fact that one of his songs "Mother, Fools are A Long Line Coming" is "on the moon" in the Time Capsule. It was recorded by Fred Neil on his "Sessions' album by Capitol. This was the album selected to be encased in the time capsule.

Above, Herb performs at a show in North Carolina with Mike Taylor (John Denver's former guitarist) and Bob on bass.

Click Here to visit a website devoted to the late Fred Neil: www.fredneil.com


Liberty R. O. Daniels is the Board Secretary and Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of The Detroit Writer's Guild, and functions in the capacity of Vice Chair of Communications. She has been a featured reader in Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Canada. An avid writer and poet since elementary school, Liberty first majored in Journalism then completed a degree in Business Administration with additional courses in Records Management. She  authored several technical manuals before becoming a self-published author of eight poetry chapbooks. She is also the editor of the  P.O.E.T.S. Newsletter and performs with several performance groups and literary organizations. Liberty R. O. Daniels is The Ultimate Poet!

Hermes R. Metoyer - An especially talented guitarist and songwriter.  Because of his father's (Herb Metoyer), Herb Metoyer's active involvement in music during the mid-1960's, Hermes became exposed to music at a very early age and has developed a very unique style that you are sure to enjoy. His guitar often sounds as if 2 or 3 other people are playing with him, and you will find yourself wondering where and how so many simultaneous sounds can be produced by a wooden box with only six steel guitar strings. He may be off the main stream but you are sure to be entertained.



Above & Left, Hermes performs at the Detroit Writers Guild Midwest Poets & Writers Conference. On right, he performs at a political rally in front of the state capitol in Sacramento, California.


Teresa Montrena Brown - An accomplished free-willed interpretive dancer who is also Poet. She dances with the inspiration of the moment. For this reason, each performance is unique with a different reflection or tone.

As a poet, she has published one book, "Poetry From The Heart & Soul." 

This book represents some personal experiences, such as her personal relationship with God, family, friends, and love. While most are serious, some embody just a touch of humor enough, hopefully, to bring a small smile to your face. You may even relate to some of her poems in your own personal way.


(Other Performers will be added as we receive their information)